Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bhakti Baxter: Understanding Differences, Building a Bust


Tolerance and Understanding In Our World.

Week #1

WOW! What a wonderful beginning to Artoconecto’s 2011 KIDSART Summer Camp. Bhakti Baxters workshop “Understanding Differences; Building a Bust”... was a great success in unfolding the huge task of “UNDERSTANDING IN OUR WORLD”. Thank you to Mr. Baxter for allowing us to hold the camp at his studio, surrounded by all his magnificent works, it was an inspiration to the children... to all of us. After a brief introduction by Artoconecto’s Executive Director, Alexandra Rangel, we began our fun filled adventure in the process of making 3 dimensional sculpture. A great demonstration was given by Mr. Baxter, then the children quickly went to work designing and building their busts of imaginary characters that focused on humor while engaging their creative little minds. Utilizing a wide array of recycled materials, thank you to ReThink+ReUse Center, Inc who provided us with all the recycled goods, the projects aim was far surpassed. All the children embraced the complex task of building in the round, and produced magnificent sculptures that questions all our differences and irregularities. Each child transformed the usually negative view of the "abnormal" into the very qualities that make each of us beautifully unique. Mr. Baxter provided each child with a cast concrete base structure to build upon... which by the way kept all of us assisting the workshop super duper busy with hot glue guns, utility knives and drills. Thank you to all the amazing children who participated and too all those who graciously assisted and made this wonderful moment in time possible!

Thank you to all the parents and the of course the children! Here is the line up for KIDSART 2011!

Lacoreya Glass

Chloe Gonzalez

Leandra Michelle Hall

Daisy Hoover

Rose Hoover

Juliet Loyd

Taylor Lynott

Skye Miklesell

Galt Miklesell

Trenard Newkirk

Torance Newkirk

Latron Steadman

Kamilla A. Polese

Luka R. Polese

Lara Rodriguez

Mateo Rodriguez

Lucas Rodriguez

Azziji Usery

Thank you to our wonderful assistants

Alba Arevalo

Cooper Underwood

Thank you to Brian Mullens from MS CHEEZIOUS for their kind contribution of the meals they provided to our kids.

Thanks to ReThink+ReUse Center, Inc: http://www.rethinkandreusemiami.org/

All photos by Benjamin Thacker

Bhakti Baxter and the kids getting started!

Luka at first taking the minimalist approach... that changed quickly... abstract expressionism anyone?!

More hot glue please... Thank you Alex!!!

Leandra transcending sculpture, to performance art! BRAVA!!!

We need more glue... more staples and more drilling!!! YUP!

Hi! I'm Tolerance! - Hi I'm Understanding!

HI!!! We are differences and irregularities... Together we are beautifully unique!

Thank you Ms. Cheezious! KIDSART LOVES YOU!

All photos by Benjamin Thacker

See you all Saturday, August 6th 2011 for

Understanding Through Self Portrait;

Drawing and Painting a Portrait Workshop;

By; Leda Almar

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