Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KIDSART Mural with Johnny Robles!

KIDSART started with all the kids creating their own 'bottle branches' to make a 'bottle tree' in the first week. Then they took photos of their families and friends and assembled them into montages. The following week they learned, rehearsed, and performed, a Native American play. In week four, they learned the ancient art of felting. And finally, week five brought all the kids together to collaborate on one big mural, with artist Johnny Robles. Johnny has done some great work with kids before, painting murals for Habitat For Humanity, among other things. He suggested a paint-by-numbers mural, from a design he came up with, for the kids to paint.

He would mix all the colors and do the drawing on the plywood. Each color had a number, and the kids went to work painting between the lines-more or less!

Johnny kept a close eye on the kids, but encouraged them to be as creative as they wanted to be.
The kids got up close, and before long, there was paint all over the studio, and the kids. Luckily, there was plenty of soap and water, and a big drop cloth.

Some of the adults chipped in, too, while the kids took their 'Arnold Palmer' break (iced tea and lemonade mixed together). It was pretty hot!

The kids worked really hard to finish this very big piece, and they learned a lot about teamwork, group creativity, and crafting an artistic vision-Johnny's design is very cool-and the kids were inspired by it, and, of course, Johnny's enthusiasm and excitement..

Johnny gives the thumbs up, as the kids exchange colors and start painting different sections of the mural.

Maybe a little touch-up here...the kids get a lesson in being patient with a design they must follow. But they also are able to improvise and let their creative juices flow, as they exchange ideas that help to organically change the final look of the mural. Some of the kids took photos of the mural, and of their personal handiwork.

The infamous 'paintball'....

I believe there was some iPhone photo sharing, too

Some arrived via skateboard...

Some came by bicycle...

But in spite of the threat of a downpour, no one left before another amazing lunch from World Resource Cafe Thanks to John DeFaro for encouraging WRC to sponsor KIDSART, and for delivering the food every week-you are one dedicated artist, John! And thank you to World Resource Cafe for feeding a bunch of 'starving artists' every week!

And TWO cakes for the 'kids' brought by the wonderful Manuela Mueller, who has been at all of the workshops, and brought cakes for the kids each week. Bravo, Manuela, and thank you!

The kids really attacked that mural! What a team-the KIDSART kids!

Stay tuned for the KIDSART Showcase, September 12, 2009, at the Damien B. Contemporary Art Center; to be held in conjunction with the Wynwood Arts District's Second Saturday Art Walk. All of the work the kids have created will be on display. Plus, all of the artists who participated, including our very own Luis Valle (an amazing artist in his own right, and a great guy with the kids, right?), will be exhibiting their work next to the kids' creations. This is going to be a lot of fun, and a great learning experience, as well.

And on a personal note, a big thank you to all the parents, who came out every Saturday morning during a very hot Miami summer, to help put some art into their kids' lives, and helped make the whole KIDSART program a huge success. See you all soon! And the kids! You are amazing-I believe you could do anything you set your minds to. Stay creative, kids!

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