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Leda Almar: Understand Through Self Portrait


Tolerance and Understanding In Our World.

Our second art camp!!! Understanding Through Self Portrait; by artist and educator Leda Almar, was an absolute success in a step towards understanding the portrait! The children learned about drawing... how to use paint and color. Most important of all... we all learned how the portrait is an awesome vehicle to self expression.

Artist and educator Leda Almar... a step towards understanding the portrait

All photos by Benjamin Thacker

Together we are learning about drawing the portrait.

The first exercise was a a step by step drawing technique used to sketch out the self portrait. Mrs. Almar is truly a great educator! She made a very difficult task easy and fun for the children... While sketching their tiny human heads filled with big imaginations... the lesson lead us to a better understanding of the human form... the children learned how to better draw proportions and details, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Mrs. Almar taught the children how to draw themselves in space , placement and scale was addressed! Even though the kids where asked to draw them selves an interesting development occurred half way through, a few choose to draw their fathers!

Can you see... Galt! This is how we sketch eyes!

Kamilla knows where the nose goes!

Lucas and Mrs. Almar using their heads to draw out the portrait.

Latron observing how to better draw proportions and details, such as the eyes!

Juliet and Project Manager Sinisa Kukec drawing a better understanding.

Thank you Alba, Cooper, Emily, and Jacqueline... for preparing the colors! YEAH PAINTING!!!

For the second wave... as a successful artist herself, Mrs. Almar proceeded with the art part of the project. She demonstrated painting and it’s ability to express human character! YEAH PAINTING!!! the kids LOVED it!!! Each child had the primary colors, and they learned the art of mixing them, each created and painted with their own unique pallet! When the children where finished making their art, a brief discussion took place. The children where asked to express their ideas and feelings about one of their favorite portraits. We where amaze by the results!

Skye, Kamilla, and Chloe... and the art of mixing paint.

Lara, Chloe, and the rest of the gang painting with their own unique pallets!

Daisy expressing her ideas and feelings about one of her favorite portraits.

We where amaze by the results!

The food truck broke down!!! Sad Face... So... The Kids loooooove cheese pizza!

Thank you to all of our wonderful Assistants:

Alba Arevalo

Cooper Underwood

Emily Vogel

Jacqueline Falcone

Thank you to Art Studio Miami for graciously lending us their wonderful space, please check out their website;

Thank you Tommy Nolan of Utrecht Art Supplies... your advice and assistance is priceless! Please buy your Art Supplies from Tom!

And a special thanks to our Community Outreach Director Danny Brody for making the food arrive on time!!! Kids love cheese pizza... and really really love over sized cookies!!! Thank you!

Thank you to Benjamin Thacker our photographer, please visit his web site at:

See you all Saturday, August 13th 2011 for


Stencils, Patterns and Painting.

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